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spume n : foam or froth on the sea v : make froth or foam and become bubbly; "The river foamed" [syn: froth, suds]

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  1. foam or froth of water, particularly that of sea water.

Derived terms


  1. To froth.



  1. Plural of spuma

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Spume Island is a small, low, rocky island lying 1.5 miles southwest of Bonaparte Point, off the southwest coast of Anvers Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Spume Island is located at . Spume Island was surveyed by the British Naval Hydrographic Survey Unit, 1956-1957. Spume Island was named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-names Committee (UK-APC) because heavy seas break over the island in a gale; spume is blown over it.

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spume in Spanish: Isla Spume

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